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Hello there, Dearie! It's good to see you!:-)
Bet you are curious as to just which are
Witchy's Picks and why.
These sites were chosen in recognition of originality of content and/or the time taken to create a unique u will find the work of some of the most talented folks on the net!

Annwn...Fairy and fantasy gifs and jpgs, enchanting midis, folklore, ecards & more!

Barefoot Lass...Chock full of Fun & Helpful Hints!

Diamondeve's Orient Express...For the very best,most beautiful and unusual Oriental free graphics!

Minimoo's Place...'kid friendly' site of holiday theme pages,slide shows and web help!

Mom's Greetings!..."Do you enjoy sending and receivingthose little pages that make you smile,make you think,or even make you cry..."

Naji's Fun Pages!...Play ping pong, work an animated puzzle,or make up a story & more!

Slo's Place...Slideshows, ecards, poetry & more!

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