This is my "thank you!" page.

Many hours went into the building of Witchy's Place, and many people contributed to the pages.It has been my good fortune to meet the funniest,kindest,knowledgable and helpful people on the net!And yes! I am going to name them all! Because I am proud to call each one "friend"!
Boadecia, Cait, Christina C, Chris M, Duane, Georgia, Jan V, Jim B, Lydia, Mayen, Madeline, Norm, Pamela, Steve,The Jazzman and Terri !
~A special thank you to Cathy and John Owens for always being there and helping me to keep my sanity by trouble shooting these pages! I dont where you find the time and energy to do all you do for so many!
signed,me again!!

~A special thank you to Steve for animated banners!

~Also a special thank you goes to Jerry11 for inserting auto type!

~~I also want to thank my best friend and neighbor BARBARA for always being there for me! You are a treasure!

Please visit everyone's sites where linked. You wont be disappointed!


Lore, great poetry, art, and wonderful people inhabit the Realm Faery! Come visit!

There are many doors in the castle! Enjoy!

Check out "Random Thoughts" page!

Beautiful oriental gifs & midis!

Great Links! Everything you need!

The Slide Show Grand Master!

Don't miss Memere's Wisdom!

Be transported to another time,another place!

Learn to make your own personalized background from the folks who devised the F-Key Saver!

Midis, poetry, and a cool Halloween section!


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