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( L= Lyrics / k= Kareoke )


power of love (k)

quit playing games (L)

rain (L)

rose's theme



silent running (L)


spanish harlem (L)

stand by me (L)


stir it up (L)

sultans of swing (L)

summer place (L)

take a chance on me (L)

take me with u (L)

the best (L)

the rose (L)

these eyes

this masquerade (L)

ti amo (L)


time of season

to know him is to love him (L)

to sir with love (L)

total eclipse of the heart (L)

truly,madly,deeply (L)

twilight time (L)


want 2 hurt me

we belong (k)

what becomes of the broken hearted (L)

when doves cry (L)

wild thing

Winds of Youth

you belong

young and restless theme

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