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Witchy's Place MiDi Bazaar

( L ) indicates Lyrics are available.

~neon moon

~night has a thousand eyes (L)

~seasons change (L)

~shadow of the moon

~shadows of the night (L)

~sisters of the moon (L)

~somewhere in time

~sorcerers apprentice

~sorcerers touch

~Spooky (little girl) (L)

~strange brew

~strange magic (L)


~that old black magic (L)

~there's a moon out tonight (L)

~this magic moment (L)

~twin peaks (L)

~wheel of fortune (L)

~witchcraft (L)

~witch hunt

~witch queen of New Orleans (L)


~witch of the waves

~witchy woman (L)

~xanadu (L)

~wicked game (L)

~year of the cat (L)

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