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   Well, I dont know about 
   you, Dearie, but at the 
   end of a long night I 
   need to unwind!

I just toss the old purple 
pointed into the corner,
light some "I Am A Goddess" 
(heh,heh!) incense, & spin 
some of my fav's!

Of course, in no time flat my little toes start tapping, my fingers start snapping, and....well...

A little bit of Tom Cruise,
la la la,
a little bit of Brad Pitt,
ya ya ya!...
Come on Dearie, sing along!
Got the lyrics to most of the songs!;-)

There are over 100 midi titles here (in addition to the 74 located on the main page of "Witchy's Midi Bazaar", and the 44 spooky ones on the"Halloween-y Music" page!) If you still want more scroll down for a few of my favorite classical songs,and if you still haven't found what you about a few polkas!
(I'm flexible, Dearie!)

A-G H-0 P-Z

adagio four seasons pachelbel canon


pennsylvania julida just because


This page dedicated to:
my Mother
Marie C.
who gave me her love of music.
love ya, & miss you!

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