Date of Birth: July 31, 1944

Numerological Data:
Heredity Number: 8
Active Number: 11
Soul Urge Number: 1
Persona Number: 9
Expression Number: 1
Soul Urge Number Essence: 2
Persona Number Essence: 1
Expression Number Essence: 3
Default Numbers: 3
Extra Numbers: 2 4 6
BirthDay Number: 4
Life Path: 11
Life Path Essence: 6

Heredity Number:

The Family Name represents your Heritage. The designated number underlines an aspect of your character that is enriched or even stimulated by your family. In certain cases, the Family Name Number can soften some of the constructive aspects of the First Name. This implies a battle to succeed.

This is often a sign that you are materially or spiritually protected right from the beginning. You are highly resistant and have an innate sense of justice. Ambitious, your success will be easily attained. Although you are honest, you are aggressive and have an excessive taste for power. Be careful about being unscrupulous.

Active Number:

The First Name represents the potential you should express in your life to have a sense of balance and to succeed. It is the key to your happiness. In the beginning, your desires and ability to realize your projects in all domains will be influenced by your first name. It represents the ideal course to follow if you want to realize yourself completely. It is important that you give priority to the information that your first name gives you. You will then notice that the general tendencies that are outlined correspond to your real, inner identity.

You have all the characteristics of number 2: in other words, you are highly receptive and blend into any social situation. The energy that fills you is gentle and feminine in nature, and sometimes ambiguous in its choices. Feelings dominate in all aspects of your life and you want to evolve as part of a group or couple. You are endowed with patience and a flexible nature but you are sometimes rather passive when you are with people or part of events with energies more powerful than your own. But given that the number 1 appears twice, you have a lot more courage and will. Carried along by a certain amount of anxiety, your intuition, inspiration, force and capacity to realize yourself through an ideal are all heightened when other elements of your birth chart are confirmed.

Soul Urge Number:

This number is derived from all of the VOWELS and represents your INTIMATE SELF - your hidden truths and secret aspirations. It is the determining factor in your life as part of a couple or group. The ideal situation is to find a partner who has the same desires as yourself. Only this number can help you to better understand the hidden desires of those close to you.

You have an agile, vivacious intelligence and great spirit of initiative - your are always looking for novelty. You know how to transmit your enthusiasm but not always how to share it! You are very often a good listener and ambitious in your projects but you don't like to evolve in groups (couple, work, leisure) if your talent as a leader of spokes person isn't recognized. You like compliments but not advice and have a reputation for being frank, loyal and skillful when your interests are at stake. You can't stand mediocrity and want a standard of living that conforms to your criteria - this is also true in your relationships! You have an excellent capacity to lead and generally leave the execution of your commands to "subordinates". You don't deal with details because your powerful creative spirit can't stand outside breaks or added frustrations in your evolution...You prefer being independent or having a post with a freedom of action because you don't like being underestimated. The negative manifestations of this vibration are that you can have an inflated ego, "No God, No Master", which can manifest itself in the violent positions you take, great anger, an excessively dominating spirit and sometimes a complete lack of scruples!

Soul Urge Number Essence:

This essence softens the general aspects of the number concerned. Your sentimental life is dominant. The search for union will dominate whether at work, as part of a couple, or in your relationships or leisure activities. A strong artistic sense emanates from this essence but certain conflicting aspects (tied to symbol 2 at origin) could arise and hold up the expansion of this number.

Persona Number:

This number is derived from all of the CONSONANTS and influences you on the social level. It is the determining factor in your orientation at school and professional life. It will help you in your projects and facilitate your success to the extent that you listen to its message.

You are obligated to being highly available in relation to actions that are influenced by the number 9. The high emotional states tied to this number must be controlled and you will need to be very open. The humanitarian side of life is indispensable to you. A dreamer and idealist, you are also generous and often surrounded by those close to you who ask for your help. Foreign places attract you. This realization is ideal for those with a vocation, ideal, or humanitarian cause. Teaching, spirituality, and international careers will be greatly facilitated. A good mastery of foreign languages is sometimes useful. The orientations that are most frequently open to you with the number 9 are: medicine, teaching, psychology, technologies of the future, all group activities, community work, artistic careers, international affairs and work where you travel a lot...

Persona Number Essence:

This essence accentuates the following aspects: your determination will be greater, your ego valorized, your initiatives and your personal approach more dynamic. Your remarkable intelligence will be used in service to your creativity. You will seek a high position in life and want to shine your light!

Expression Number:

The Expression Number corresponds to the sum of all the letters. It represents the way you express yourself in everyday life. Your behavior, attitudes, and all of your expressed desires are in relation with this number. It is the most powerful one. Listen to what it has to say and you will have an excellent idea of the image you present to others. This is the number that tells you how much influence you have.

You have a great aspiration to direct and are always on the cutting edge in the various domains in which you excel. You take responsibility for your actions whatever the consequences and want to specialize in being a "spokesperson". Frank, direct, very intelligent and even crafty in negotiating, your powerful investigative skills are the key to your success. You are rapid and in charge, "Time is money"! You love to be around people who have succeeded socially because it gives you more prestige and is stimulating. You pay close attention to how the people around you are evolving in your professional life and you want to surround yourself with winners with different specialties than your own. An ideal person to motivate, you give people the will to fight, are faithful, a good friend, and deeply loyal to those who appreciate you. Your rigid and proud sides hide a great sensitivity which you feel is a sign of weakness or sentimentality...You are an excellent teacher and friendship for you is constant, but you don't tolerate betrayal. You have an excellent ability to synthesis but you can get off track easily when analyzing a complex problem. Then you become an "unhappy camper"...depending on your degree of motivation. Endowed with good organizational skills and a lot of creativity, there is no fortress too strong to be taken, there are only bad strategies. At ease in competitive contexts that you can evolve in without constraints, you know how to combine originality and functionality! Secretly sentimental, your family is an integral part of your success. Because you are a protector and possessive, your companions need to be devoted and have a lot of patience. You are also very demanding on those close to you because you don't like mistakes or mediocrity at all. A few "accidental" affairs will boost your ego while waiting for your ideal man in the context of your ambitions. Be careful however, in a negative climate, you could become perpetually impatient, impulsive and sometimes physically or verbally violent. You could become somewhat of a megalomaniac or develop a persecution complex that could make you bitter and unscrupulous, negative in your thoughts and actions, and dishonest and crafty with your charming unthinkable ends! You could also become too dependent on those close to you, or worse, pathologically immobile. Try not to become a parasite, or someone who takes advantage of weakness to satisfy their ego.

So it is advised that you orient yourself toward a career in which you can express your potential in an independent context (only partially in the beginning), and take the initiative rapidly. Integration in a structure that is too rigid and authoritarian will threaten you and reduce your ability to progress, and your level of motivation. For a child in his educational environment at home, he should be incited to harmoniously develop his sense of responsibility so that he feels good about himself. He should be taught to have a certain amount of autonomy and to take the initiative so that he can acquire confidence in himself through knowledge and a discovery of his potential. He should learn how to share, to have complementarity with others and to be able exchange. As for health, it is advised that you be particularly sensitive to the following areas - these may not be health problems but they indicate potential zones of weakness: the head (ear, nose and throat problems), nose, eyes, ears, mental tension, mental exertion, sudden depression, migraines, insomnia, cervical pain (be careful of trauma to the head), burns, heat stroke, arterial tension and cardiovascular-vascular problems.

Expression Number Essence:

This essence denotes a desire for openness and intense communication. Social contact and creativity are also favored in the largest sense of the terms. This essence always defines a profoundly generous nature and great curiosity. The number in question will thus be more expansive in its own dimension.

After the Numbers, are the LETTERS. They will allow you to nuance certain aspects of your personality so that you can perform better in a particular area. The position of a letter in its initial position denotes a character trait that tends to dominate in all circumstances.


After the Numbers, are the LETTERS. They will allow you to nuance certain aspects of your personality so that you can perform better in a particular area. The position of a letter in its initial position denotes a character trait that tends to dominate in all circumstances.

The position of the initial C generally means the following: you are ingenuous and have a high degree of creativity. Your agile mind and field of action is increased. You could have a facility or talent in personal expression and your charm and vitality are undeniable. Relationships and acquaintances tend to be with outgoing people, but watch out for your attitude. Your mind is agile and subtle and your loyalty is total. Your reactions are intuitive and you are a good judge of people and environments. Be careful however, you can overreact and have a tendency to be too ironic and smug.


You have the qualities of a negotiator or salesperson and would be good at any work where transactions are made. You are at ease where communication or commerce is dominant (any work involving a clientele). Your social life is a determining factor in your life. Pay attention to organization because you sometimes disperse yourself or have a tendency to change directions too easily.

First Letters:

A sense of balance is indispensable to you in your constant search for harmony. This can be tiring to those close to you. You don't hesitate taking on responsibilities in all domains and you feel a profound sense of satisfaction because of this. Nevertheless, you have an absolute need to be supported and encouraged and are very attached to the artistic and aesthetic sides of life. You look for comfort and even luxury. In certain cases, pets are recommended (children).

The absent numbers from your First Name and Last Name represent opportunities for growth. They are determining factors in your existence - but not all is predestined. What happens to you - both good and bad - is often in relation with these numbers. They represent priorities that you should be attentive to and that shouldn't be neglected. The extra numbers in you Family Name and First Name represent the opposite of the absent numbers. You should try to hold back the tendencies they represent: impulsiveness in one or more domains that should be controlled at all costs.

Default in 2

Unlike number 1, number 2 represents the feminine image or representation, often dating back to childhood. In this case, it represents the mother and sensitivity. The absence of 2 indicates that you are overly sensitivity and that making relationships with others is very difficult. Your are limited in your capacity to accept society's social rules. Hypersensitivity -whether hidden or overtly expressed - coupled with a legendary lack of patience are the two outstanding characteristics of number 2's absence. You are rather conservative but this doesn't keep you from meeting people or suddenly cutting off relationships. The circumstances of each social situation will determine whether you are able to integrate with the group or not - (team sports, teamwork or working in collaboration with people and, of course, as a couple). You need to get used to projects taking time if you want to see them to their conclusion- especially if they involve your immediate circle of friends and family. A child should be made to develop his manual dexterity so that he can express his artistic nature, and to listen closely to others, and to not revel in, or provoke difficult situations. The problem for you, is to find your identity as a woman (recognition of your role in a couple or in your professional life), and to look at certain problems that may concern your maternity or sexuality.

Excess in 3

You have a tendency to be superficial, and excessively social. You happily spread your energies in many directions. Sometimes, you are a big story teller and a braggart. You can hold a grudge easily given that you have a certain amount of immaturity in your private life.

Default in 4

The absence of number 4 is tied to work aspects(outside and inside). You have difficulties adapting yourself to concrete reality and the material necessities of existence. You also have a tendency to be negligent - or to provoke negligence in others. This means that you and your work can be brought into question and that sometimes, they have to be done over again. If you are not motivated, you lack tenacity and concentration. If so, you have a tendency to look for an easy way out, to make the least amount of effort whether this be at work or concerning the everyday tasks required at home. The number 4 often represents hierarchy and elderly persons which are often rejected in a violent manner by persons missing it (you might have been brought up by your grandparents or sent away to prep school!) You need to be more disciplined through well-defined rules derived from your spiritual values, to develop your organizational skills, direct yourself and develop your practical sense. Your strongest ally is time: your interior evolution in realizing your goals will be advance progressively and step-by-step. Don't try to skip over steps because you will surely have to start over again to make up the ones jumped over! Deepen your knowledge and pay attention to detail to avoid having your central problems crop up again, with all the roadblocks that this would imply. Try to be grounded in your professional and private life.

Default in 6

The number 6 represents harmony, the family and responsibility, so its absence weakens these 3 aspects of existence. You have difficulties making choices, notably because you are constantly looking for perfection! You also have a certain amount of passivity and are negligent or run away when faced with responsibilities of any kind, especially when you are young. These faults can appear at any period in your life. You will be judged and appreciated by others based on how you take on responsibility - which will be given to you in any case - and on the quality of your work. This is true of your relationships as well: you'll need to keep your word and finish what you have started which means a certain amount of discipline and a lot of perseverance will be involved. You are very demanding in your personal life and this could weaken your family life, perhaps keeping you from forming a stable couple right away. But it's not true, as certain authors would have it, that lacking the number 6 means that you will one day be divorced! Many couples have this configuration and they flourish for decades within a stable family structure. However, a missing 6 means that your family life as a child was not conducive to your happiness (conflicts, parents who were separated.) You have some deep scars and frustrations that could be inciting you to project old problems onto your own family on an unconscious level, as well as onto your closest friends. This could give rise to conflicts of all kinds, which is sometimes exactly what you want...Your destiny will be marked by multiple family obligations and you will be faced with situations in which you have to develop your ability to be tolerant and make concessions. A child should be taught to help others and to give more than he receives. Music and pets would be excellent allies for him.

Birthday Number:

With the numbers taken from your Date of Birth, we enter a universe of cycles and periods. You will notice the surprising exactness of the general tendencies that they outline. They will help you to precisely alter the ambient context. You life will be easier in all areas if you adapt to the lessons that the law of cycles transmits. If you go in the opposite direction you will only have difficulties.

Here is a number that gives you a solid foundation. Work will dominate throughout this cycle. Your stability is assured if you don't neglect your responsibilities. Success will only come with time. Being in contact with nature is recommended for your equilibrium. You must be persevering in your efforts because you need to develop your management and organizational skills, and learn how to save. Voyages will be made in connection with an activity or work. A vacation would do you a lot of good. You should respect the law and conventions of society. Despite this cycle's apparent rigidity, work is open for you in the areas of administrative work, technical careers, security, environmental work, construction, archeology and numerous liberal professions.

You were born on the 4th so traditional aspects dominate such as family, home and work. You are close to nature where you find renewed energy. A born activist, you are tireless but have a certain amount of rigidity. On the sentimental side, you are not very demonstrative in your emotions but rather austere. You seek simple, natural pleasures and are very attached to hierarchy - it is at the base of your respect in all matters. Your sensitive nature expresses itself through handwork, and the arts (painting, sculpture). You have good manual dexterity but lack imagination somewhat.

Life Path:

The number derived from your Date of Birth corresponds to the dominant influence in your life. It represents the general tendencies of the opportunities that will present themselves. You can only adapt yourself and your personality in relation to the tendencies outlined by this number. Your destiny in all of its force is presented here to you.

Ambition is the only thing that will lead to success. Writers, poets, artists, and cultivated people are found with this vibration and they all have a high degree of inspiration. We also find highly motivated people in their field of activity (medicine, management, commerce, new sciences, etc...) You all have a point in common: you are in direct contact with some powerful energies that give you access to extrasensory powers (visions, premonitions, etc...) from which you learn and then pass on to others. A fundamental aspect of your destiny is passing on what you have learned, and forgetting this could be a problem for you in the long and short term. This Lifepath allows you to develop your capacities and extraordinary powers which promise to shine onto those around you. A concern for humanity coupled with a sense of innate responsibility underlies your success. Business circles give you excellent opportunities but only on condition that you respect others and their spiritual values. There needs to be a balance in the material dimension of your life. It should be mastered within a harmonious and secure environment. I advise you to orient yourself towards an ideal in the long-term because you don't like feeling frustrated. Your private life is important to you but will often be disturbed by unacceptable behavior (aggressiveness, impatience, narcissism, nervous tension...). You have a profound desire to be acknowledged by others, the group, and the family and this can translate into excessive pride, a lack of tolerance or excessive demands!

Life Path Essence:

The essence of the Lifepath influences your destiny. It will soften or harden the principal number of your destiny and can be an additional help to you in better integrating the stronger aspects of your life.

This is a relatively complex essence because it is has two levels. First off, you have a great desire to communicate with the outside world, which mean that you give a lot of thought to your relationships. This is an expression of the wonderful love you have inside of you which generally centers around a vital need to establish sincere relationships, and to feel loved and in security, and even admired. The negative aspects are that you are frivolous, and can develop an excessive sensuality tending toward nymphomania or having erotic fantasies. Be careful about overeating because your nutritional equilibrium is delicate. The other aspect of this essence to take into consideration is having a fragile psychological makeup that can lead to melancholy and a negative outlook on life. On the other hand, you have a great capacity for everything that demands slow, hard work over the long-term. You will use up a lot of mental energy to nuance your vision of life, and seek to make comparisons of all kinds by looking at the pros and cons of any given situation. You thus avoid commitments that could be dangerous for you. You want to unite people together all while having a simple and limpid lifestyle yourself. You wish everyone could live like you! This translates into a strong desire to create a variety of groups with different styles.

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