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Wells, springs, rivers, earthen mounds, and forests are but a few of the places that border with or co-exist with this, the Otherworld. And in all these places magic abounds!
While many are caught up and intrigued with the magical qualities of these realms, it is very easy to forget that these are religious concepts and were greatly respected and feared by our ancestors.

Nature worship was the core belief among the ancient Celtic tribes and kingdoms. Water, trees, stones, and animals of the wild landscape were sacrosanct.

Everyone whose family has roots that lie in western, central, or northwestern Europe has a Celtic connection of some sort.

To those who still practice the "Old Ways" or walk the "Old Path", these beliefs are held as sacred to us today as are the beliefs of those who follow the the teachings of Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism , Mohammedanism,etc.

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Come now! Let us begin on your journey through the forest! There is much to see, to hear, and to learn!

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The "Gifs of the Realm" are just beyond that small grove! There you will find images of the faery, elves, leprechauns, butterflies, castles, knights, fae homes, flowers, and other dwellers!

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Oh! Listen! Can you hear the "Music of the Realm" coming from across the meadow by the brook! Ah! From lilting tunes to the quiet reflective sounds, there will be at least one that will touch you.

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You may want to take some time to sit rest under the trees and peruse the "Missives From Auwyn" before trekking up the hill to the "Card Castle" where you can send ecard greetings from the Realm!

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If your wish is to learn of such things as your animal totem, what tree you are, or more about the Ancient Celts feel free to browse the "Links Library" ...

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And although no one marks the actual passage of time here, you may want to see our "Faery Calendar". Each month features classic poetry paired with complementary musical selections and fae.

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Perchance, you may now be in the mood to relax and enjoy some "Tales and Lore", handed down through the ages, as told by my friends Boadicea, Cait Shanachie, Merlin, and Oisin. By the way, when we aren't here, we five can be found in alt.discuss.faery...
as for me,

I am Selene of Avalon

I wish to thank the following people for their friendship, kindness, and contributions to this site: Boa, Cait, Merlin, Oisin, Tessa, Mayen, Slo, Stardrops, Neferteri, Diamondeve, Christina, Diane-o, Fir Dharrig, Vao Vao, John & Cathy(Owens4), Normtaka, Babajji, Mama Goddess, Keechi and Sailor Pat
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What area of the forest do you wish to see?

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