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Hello Dearie!
Good to see you!
Little loud in here! Heh,heh! The joint's been 
jumpin' ever since we put in the jukebox! If 
you hear something you like,take it! After all,
whats better than free stuff? MORE free stuff! 

The Halloween-y Music is in the next aisle over!

Woo Hooo! Look at Dinky go!

(L) after a song title indicates Lyrics are available.

~abracadabra (L)

~after midnightc (L)

~a kind of magic (L)


~black magic woman (L)

~bewitched,bothered,& bewildered (L)

~blue moon (rock) (L)

~do u believe in magic (L)

~gimme,gimme,gimme (L)

~girls just wanna (L)

~gypsy (L)

~i believe i can fly (L)

~into the mystic

~i put a spell on u (L)

~living thing (L)

~love potion #9 (L)

~magic (L)

~magic book

~magic carpet ride (L)

~magic house

~magic travels
~midnight blue (L)

~midnight hour (L)

~moon & back (L)

~moonlight shadow (L)

~mummers dance (L)

~neon moon

~seasons change (L)

~sisters of the moon (L)

~somewhere in time

~sorcerers apprentice

~sorcerers touch

~Spooky (little girl) (L)

~strange brew

~strange magic (L)

~that old black magic (L)

~this magic moment (L)

~wheel of fortune (L)

~witchcraft (L)

~witch queen of New Orleans (L)

~witchy woman (L)

~xanadu (L)

~wicked game (L)

~year of the cat (L)

for the little goblins! (L)

for my old friend Glenda!

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Thank You!

sequenced by

thanks Steve!

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Thank u!

thank u to: Diamondeve, Slo-hand46, hameCait, Boadicea, Normtaka, Charmer, Mayen, VaoVao, BooBoo509, Janice and MamaGoddess for musical selection suggestions! ;-)

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